Sketchbookr v1.3
UPDATE: I uploaded an update that adds support for folder-based "galleries" and improves XML compliance. There are a few style/layout fixes in too.

Sketchbookr is basically a simple art blog for lazy artists. Sketchbookr is easy to install and easy to use. Sketchbookr is easy to update and it supports RSS feeds for readers and live bookmarks. Sketchbookr has a very small footprint, just 32KB uncompressed! Sketchbookr does not do thumbnails. Finally, Sketchbookr requires PHP5.

To use Sketchbookr on your site, simply download the install file, unzip it, and upload the files to a new folder on your site. Then, check to see if it worked. You can see how it is supposed to look by clicking the "Test Install" link off to the left.

If it didn't work, either you messed up these very simple instructions already, or you are not running PHP5 on your site or domain. Sketchbookr should give you a heads up if that's the case! Talk to your system administrator or check out your control panel to upgrade to something remotely modern.

If it works, great! The rest is easy. First, edit the first few lines of index.php to include your info instead of the basic/default stuff:

Keep an eye out for stray quotes or semicolons. If you get an error about "bla bla bla T_STRING in LINE 2" you should doublecheck those few lines there. Then, upload all your images to the same folder on your site. You can also add or rename folders to control the galleries in the sidebar.

All you have to do to make the index page and the RSS feed update with your new images is to delete this file:

The next time you visit your site, Sketchbookr will automatically regenerate the file with your new pictures, files, and folders. Don't forget to delete that XML file each time you put up new files!

Have fun!